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Mike Greenberg

Founder, EP

Mike Greenberg is a Brooklyn and Philly based, hands on EP and Director specializing in action/adventure, sports, documentary and commercial production.

Equally versed in the creative and business sides of production, Mike is the Director and a Producer on YouTube Premiums’ F2’s Finding Football (8 x 22′), EP on Closed Course: Sarajevo (10 x 4′ Verizon go90 ), Whistle Sports’ World Tour (12 x 4′ Verizon go90).

In addition to commercial production he has a background developing, shooting and editing linear television for clients like Nat Geo, Discovery, VH1, Travel Channel and Food Network, he combines traditional production values with the skate creator aesthetic that interested him in filmmaking originally.

Prior to producing and directing, Mike worked as a freelance shooter and editor, shaping a quick cut flashy style that landed him his first TV Documentary, Snipers Inc with National Geographic at age 20.

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Our Process

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