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  • January30th

    2013 Reel

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    Mike Greenberg // 2013 Showreel from Mike Greenberg on Vimeo.

  • December5th

    Colorado Trip

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    Towards the end of a political cycle the only thing keeping you sane whilst working 90 hours a week, is the cherished thought of downtime. Everyone seemed to have a trip in mind, everyone except me.

    Fulfilling a bucket list item, the day after the election I purchased a ticket to Denver, CO and 18 hours later I was in the air. I had never truly traveled for an extended period by myself, but armed with a list of attractions rapidly Googled I was on my way.


    I spent the first day in Denver, visiting the art museum, 16th St. Mall, grabbing good eats. I quickly got the vibe that a car would be necessary because I really wanted to get out and see some outdoors sites.

    Dodge Avenger

    Enter Rental Car: Dodge Avenger

    I drove town to Colorado Springs to check out Garden of the Gods, an incredible natural rock formation with trails and climbing. It was beautiful but a bit touristy for my tastes, everywhere there were signs, fences, paths and people. I ended up scaling a nearby mountain to get off the beaten path and grab some good wide shots. This was my first real alone time with the new Nikon D600, and a fun place to play.

    Beauty Shot of BMW driving past mountains


    After 2 more days of brewery tours, sightseeing in Boulder and watching my friend’s band, Lola Black perform, I headed west on I-70, the same highway I take out of Baltimore to visit my hometown! Except it was far more scenic here.

    I spent the remainder of the trip in Breckenridge, grabbing a lift ticket for opening week at Keystone Resort and enjoying the small mountain towns and more delicious food.

    Finally on my last day I had the mountain experience I desired. The Spruce Creek Trailhead was categorized as ‘difficult’ online and with a fresh snow storm offered a serious challenge. I hiked for hours, not seeing another soul all day. My original plan was to go to the Crystal Lakes- but I ended up losing the trail as the snow got knee deep.

    Sun Rising over the mountains in Breckenridge, Co

    Good Morning from Breck

    It certainly was a challenge and I never found the lakes, as the trail I finally found let in another direction. When I summited the peak I could see the trail I was supposed to be on in the distance. Standing in the snow with tennis shoes, losing light and carrying only a protein bar and camera equipment I decided to head back, and not blaze ahead. All in all I hiked uninterrupted, alone and witnessing breathtaking sights- which is all I really wanted.

    Spruce Creek Trail



  • April9th

    In a perfect world we’d always have camera originals, but realistically a time will come in which you need to download video from a variety of strange sources online. While there’s plenty of ways to do this, issues can arise when you convert it for editing.

    After I download a clip I always convert it in Quicktime to match my editing sequence (normally, 1920×1080/ 29.97fps) but I’ve seen a disturbing trend. After conversion, even though within QuickTime I chose to adjust the framerate to 29.97 some clips will play correctly in finder/QuickTime but within FCP they appear slow, or out of sync with the audio.

    I’ve discovered 2 ways to remedy this, using compressor for the conversion OR the faster method of conforming within Cinema Tools. This is the same process you would use for conforming some 60fps footage to the proper slomo for editing…

    How to convert 1 clip

    1. File > Open Clip
    2. When the window opens in the lower right quadrant select “conform” and select the framerate you want to be
    3. File> Close

    That’s it! It rewrites the metadata and losslessly fixes your clip in a matter of seconds, no matter the length.

    Converting many clips

    1. Create a folder and load just the files you need to adjust into it
    2. File > Batch Conform
    3. Select any video file in that folder
    4. Choose a framerate to conform to
    Presto! Enjoy. If you have any issues or files that this doesn’t fix drop me a line and I shall investigate.