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  • January30th

    2013 Reel

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    Mike Greenberg // 2013 Showreel from Mike Greenberg on Vimeo.

  • May29th

    Crowdsourcing trends come and go, but the niche is finally starting to mature. Whadif is an example of a next-gen model for getting work from the masses. Utilizing analytics they quantify how effective each user generated ad is. The awards are broken out by different phases, offering many chances to win.

    Konspriacy Studios recently created a last minute rough cut submission to their military themed brief from NAPA Auto Parts. This was shot and edited in 21 hours to meet the deadline. In a fine cut, we’ll add narration, color grade, and mix the spot while improving the vfx shot.

    Rough Cut

    Father: Hal Cohen
    Son/Soldier: Brandon Rudd
    Director/Shooter/Editor: Mike Greenberg
    1st AD: Kristy Haar
    PA + Grip: Travis Gensamer


    Spec work is a dangerous game to play. It’s a good playground for creative development, but the other edge of the blade is the potential to devalue your work. The new process through Whadif came with its own pros and cons.

    What we liked:

    • Sweet spot size and prize pool. The Doritos contest with thousands of entrants and a $1 million prize is so large, you have to be a major player willing to invest in serious a production to stand a chance. On the other end of the spectrum some crowd-sourcers are awarding $2k for time intensive projects. It’s all relative, but that level of payout is hard to see an actual return on considering the costs you can’t transcend (travel, food, any rentals). If you don’t win, every couple contests you end up basically paying to do work for others. The $60k prize pool created a lot of opportunities to win. Walking away with $5k for a 4th place rough cut will keep you in the black.
    • Whadif struck a deal with a music provider. YES, YES YES! Great move.
    • It’s refreshing having ideas/storyboards to feed off of. Since each phase is tested, it’s a proven concept. Which creates opportunities to elevate the idea, and really excel in the execution.
    • The community was very responsive to any questions, adding a layer of personality

    What could improve:

    • Intellectual property assignment. I don’t like handing over all rights in the universe without a discussion. The scope and broadcast of your work could be elevated without any additional funding, which is a bit predatory. Your idea could theoretically be used to create a national ad campaign, and you receive no credit nor compensation. Wouldn’t that stink? This policy could be improved by adding a clause offering content creators an additional fee, or producer role if the concept is extrapolated into a larger campaign.
    • As the community grows it would be nice to have more dialog, but that’s just icing on the cake
  • May28th

    /KKSD from Mike Greenberg on Vimeo.

    A couple weeks back, Nic of Nic Justice Media encouraged me to come out and lend a hand for a community video project. He was completing a two part mini documentary on the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. It’s a wacky event where groups and individuals weld together bike floats, and dress up for a quick ride terminating at a mud pit. Kensington is a traditionally working class neighborhood in Philadelphia, and I live near the southern edge of area.

    It was great to team up with other talented filmmakers, and basically play around in a low stress environment. I treated it as a run and gun test for my Freefly Movi m5. It was tiring to shoot all day from it, but the end result was definitely worth it.

    Movi M5 with Nikon D600